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Ray Bricknell is a retired project management consultant who now tutors classes in Current Affairs and Macroeconomics at the University of the Third Age, Brisbane.

Political parties are a fact of life, that’s what makes them damaging to democracy

We have a tendency to assume the way things are is the way they’ve always been. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s time to re-examine the political party.

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Aged Care as part of a National Care Service.

This post was inspired by a piece posted on Pearls and Irritations by Sue Rabbitt Roff which was so comprehensive and profoundly logical that it was only on a second reading that its full value was appreciated.

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Childcare subsidies. I was wrong – childcare should be subsidised

In a recent post I listed a range of points which had me convinced that childcare should not be subsidised by the community. Christopher Budd (CB) kindly took the time to counter each of my points in turn, and I … Continue reading

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Poverty is a policy choice, made for the poor by the affluent

We live in the most interesting and uncertain times ever. This can be stated with certainty because the rate of change today is an order of magnitude faster than even one hundred years ago. So let’s try a new economic … Continue reading

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Childcare – why should it be subsidised at all?

Increased subsidisation of childcare seems to be the received wisdom these days, so perhaps I am the only one in step. But please tell me again why other members of the community should pay to subsidise those parents who want … Continue reading

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RAY BRICKNELL. Solving the Morrison government’s Newstart problem

Having ditched the Holy Grail of a budget surplus, admitting in the process – in deeds if not in words – that unemployment is a bigger problem than government debt, the Morrison government now faces a serious quandary.

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RAY BRICKNELL. Will traditional economic ideologies in Australia survive the pandemic unchanged?

Never waste a crisis – we are hearing this a lot, and for good reason. Covid-19 is presenting politicians with a lot of opportunities to slip significant changes through relatively un-noticed.

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RAY BRICKNELL. Fixing our Democracy – Step one – Community Involvement in Policy Formulation

The Problem. As indicated in an earlier post, there is a fundamental deceit in the concept of governments claiming to have a mandate to introduce particular policies on the basis that the policy was presented as part of a multi-policy … Continue reading

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RAY BRICKNELL. Australia’s Broken System of No-Longer-Representative Democracy

A problem recognised is half solved.The biggest single problem facing Australia today is the fact that two major political parties have taken a stranglehold on our system of representative democracy.

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