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Richard Whitington was a member of Gough Whitlam's staff from 1974 to 1977. He'd been a journalist, briefly, and a political publicist, later spending 25 years in marketing and corporate communications, initially with the ALP's advertising agency in the late 70s and early 80s. He finished his career with 20 years in executive recruitment and retired in 2019 to do some freelance writing.

RICHARD WHITINGTON. Rudd’s GFC response versus Morrison’s to Covid-19

Inevitably, comparisons are already being invited: between Kevin Rudd’s 2008-09 response to the Global Financial Crisis and Scott Morrison’s to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

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RICHARD WHITINGTON. Berejiklian ticking off the milestones on way to creating NSW history.

Next Monday marks the first anniversary of Gladys Berejiklian becoming the first female to be elected Premier of NSW, and the Liberals’ third straight victory.

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RICHARD WHITINGTON. Dies, mensis, annus….for the superstitious numerologists.

With Valentine’s Day, 14 February, not far off, I was starting to think about…….then it struck me!

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RICHARD WHITINGTON AND RICHARD BUTLER. Noam Chomsky’s theory of “Manufactured Consent”. Where “lies” the media? Part 3 of 4

In this series, Richard Whitington and Richard Butler discuss what’s changed since philosopher and psychologist, Noam Chomsky, identified the relationship between business, the military, the intelligence community and the media, in manipulating public opinion.

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RICHARD WHITINGTON AND RICHARD BUTLER. Noam Chomsky’s “manufactured consent”. What’s changed, 30 years on? Part 1 of 4

Thirty years ago, psychologist and philosopher, Noam Chomsky, wrote of “manufactured consent”, the phenomenon which sees the self-serving interests of the powerful and often opaque – the military/industrial complex and “big business” – coalesce with those of the supposedly transparent … Continue reading

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RICHARD WHITINGTON. Bushfire inaction from the Commonwealth? Federation is the real villain.

Many of the shots laid on Scott Morrison are as justified as they are cheap. But in many respects his hands are tied by what our forebears voted for more than 120 years ago: narrow, not national interests.

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RICHARD WHITINGTON. What started with Whitlam in Werriwa in 1952 remains a work in progress.

Tomorrow 29 November, is the 67th anniversary of Edward Gough Whitlam’s election to the Australian Parliament in 1952. Twenty years and three days later he became Prime Minister, after Labor’s longest exile in opposition, and nine straight election losses. Whitlam’s … Continue reading

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RICHARD WHITINGTON. What will Weatherill, Emerson and the willy-wag-tails teach the wombats?

Here we have two wombats, Lofty and Rorty. They’re stranded on the median strip in the middle of a busy freeway, on their way home from a meeting where, against most expectations, they were outflanked in their bid to take … Continue reading

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RICHARD WHITINGTON. David Combe obituary

David Combe was a significant and accomplished figure not only in Australian politics but in business and international trade, with an unwavering commitment to social justice and civil liberties. He deserves to be remembered for more than the “Iraqi Donations” … Continue reading

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