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Robin Boyle lectured in statistics at Deakin University and preceding institutes for three decades until 2009. His academic background in mathematics, economics and finance, as well as statistics, led him to developing teaching software in those areas and to be widely sought after as a textbook author.

Vaccine rollout: the value or otherwise of a ‘vaccination certificate’. Part 3

Those who are vaccinated can still become infectious. Therefore proof of vaccination might not be sufficient for international travel as it does not guarantee a person is infection free. A ‘vaccination certificate’ can be wrongly used as a proxy for … Continue reading

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Herd immunity? Not with AstraZeneca in the frame. Part 2

Because the failed immunity rate for the AstraZeneca vaccine is more than seven times that of the Pfizer vaccine, if the Australian rollout takes place as planned, about 5.5 million people (22% of the population) could still be at risk … Continue reading

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Rethinking Australia’s Covid vaccine rollout: beware a two-tier system. Part 1

If our rollout proceeds, using two different vaccines, we might create a society of suspicion and division: vaccinated v non-vaccinated, Pfizer v AstraZeneca. Most other countries need to mass vaccinate now but Australia doesn’t. We should forget AstraZeneca and wait … Continue reading

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Without our dithering PM, Australia would be on top of Covid-19 leaderboard

Despite Scott Morrison’s failure on quarantine and aged care, we are still near top spot on responding to the pandemic. While the states have responded well in carrying the burden, imagine how many older people would still be with us … Continue reading

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Is it time to put our PM and his Treasurer into quarantine?

At some stage many of us reach the point when we conclude that our leaders are not just useless and meddling, but downright dangerous. The Coalition’s monumental bungling of the quarantining of infected Covid-19 arrivals is a continuation of their … Continue reading

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There were shocking Covid-19 infection rates in USA arrivals in March – why were flights not shut down?

In early March this year, our experts should have gone in search of hard data. They would quickly have determined that the infection rate in USA arrivals was in dire contrast to the published USA rates.

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Opening up Australia to international travel – All froth and no bubble!

Since April, a variety of coronavirus travel bubbles involving Australia have been mooted. But will any of them take off?

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The Victorian lockdown is not just about health and lives!

Recently we have had Peter Singer, WHO envoys and Chris Uhlmann seemingly critical of the Covid-19 lockdown in Victoria. However, have they failed to recognise the significance of Victoria not being a country but one of eight states and territories?

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Zero-case status is the best COVID-19 option for Australia – And that means stronger controls over international arrivals (Part 2 of 2)

To achieve and continue with zero-case status we need to minimise the risk there will be a major breach in our current systems for quarantining international arrivals.

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Zero-case status is the best Covid-19 option for Australia – and that means stronger controls over international arrivals (Part 1 of 2)

Australia is the victim of its own success – the jurisdictions that have succeeded will not give up their gains. Thus, Victoria and New South Wales – and Queensland – have to achieve zero-case status too, otherwise we will have … Continue reading

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We can have our GST cake and eat it too! (part 2 of 2)

An “extreme GST” model of 15% tax on 100% of goods and services has been mooted for Australia. Can changing the marginal rates in the top tax brackets achieve the same net revenue result as any change to the GST?

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We can have our GST cake. And eat it too! (part 1 of 2)

As the Australian government foreshadows imminent tax changes, some politicians, commentators and think-tanks are again proposing increasing and broadening the GST. However, the practicalities of compensating those who can’t afford the price increases might rule out even minor change.

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The white elephant in the room: Australia is ideal for planes, not trains!

How can Australia spend $130 billion that would best benefit the country?  A response, but not an answer, is not to spend it on an HSR (high-speed rail) system on the east coast.

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ROBIN BOYLE. Beethoven and the ABC Classic 100 Countdown – A not-to-be missed event

On the weekend of the 7 and 8 June, ABC Classic will be conducting its Classic 100 Countdown for 2020. Being the 250th anniversary of his birth, it is devoted to the music of Ludwig van Beethoven.

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ROBIN BOYLE. Flights From The USA Should Have Been Shut Down Earlier

Australia should have restricted arrivals from the USA on the 11 March, in the same way as it did for Italy. Failure to do so has caused extra immeasurable cost and trauma to the Australian economy and people.

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