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Rosemary O’Grady is a lawyer & writer.

ROSEMARY O’GRADY. The Pell Appeal : A Hail Mary Pass

The Full Bench of the High Court sitting in Canberra this week is listed to hear the Appeal in M112/19 Pell and The Queen on Wednesday 11th March.

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ROSEMARY O’GRADY. Anthropology and Perspective

One of the rare pleasures of working to salvage documentation of a vandalized archive is that, sometimes, a damaged jewel surfaces amidst the rubble.

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ROSEMARY O’GRADY. It bodes well for the ALP’s future

The successful outcome of Labor Leader Albanese’s nomination for office of a disaffected Queensland National was a deft move.

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ROSEMARY O’GRADY. The Pell Appeal Judgements: One Perspective.

In the majority judgement disallowing Cardinal George Pell’s appeal against criminal convictions, Chief Justice Ferguson and Appeal Court President Maxwell set-out the task that had faced the three appellate judges.  

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ROSEMARY O’GRADY. For the Record

On the evening of Monday 16 September 2019 at a Melbourne bookshop, Allen & Unwin launched Fallen: The inside story of the secret trial and conviction of Cardinal George Pell by Lucie Morris-Marr.

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ROSEMARY O’GRADY. Hail & Farewell.

To Australian Catholics the date 3 December is a holiday. In the Calendar of Saints this date marks the feast of Australia’s ‘patron saint’, sixteenth century Spanish Jesuit and companion of St Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, … Continue reading

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ROSEMARY O’GRADY. Lost leaders.

The first words addressed by the Hon David Hurley AC as Governor-General were to the Australian First People and their successors, including, specifically, ‘future leaders’.

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ROSEMARY O’GRADY. Death of a Real-Life Publisher.

In June this year I posted in these pages a piece entitled  ‘ Meanings of War’. It reported the publication of new translations and editions of the German-language classic Simplicius Simplicissimus, first-published in its original German edition in 1669.

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ROSEMARY O’GRADY. Remembering Stars.

Some ninety-odd years ago this week was born in the bush in the rugged far north-west of Western Australia a child given the Christian name of David.  

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ROSEMARY O’GRADY. Meanings of War.

As war memoirs go, the horrors of the conflict concluded by the Treaty of Westphalia, 1648, have long stood in a class of their own. They are also the subject of the autobiographical, first novel of the German language.

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