Stephen Alomes

Adjunct Professor Stephen Alomes (RMIT University) is a social researcher investigating power and powerlessness and contemporary populism. A member of medical advisory committees, in 2020 he presented on patient empowerment at the University of Tasmania clinical reform conference. His poetry collection recording everyday experience during the pandemic, Our Pandemic Zeitgeist (Ginninderra Press, Port Adelaide) appeared in late 2020. He is also the author of Australian Football T<em>he People’s Game 1958-2058,</em> Walla Walla Press, Sydney, 2012 and <em>The AFL and the Movement Against Racial Vilification</em> in Gus Worby and Lester Irabinna Rigney, eds., <em>Sharing Spaces: Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Responses to Story, Country and Policy,</em> API Network, Perth, 2006. <span class="font">‘Defining New Populisms: Causes, Characteristics and Trajectories (Australia and Beyond)’ in Ludwig Deringer and Liane Stroebel, eds., </span><i>International Discourses of Populism since 2015</i><span class="font">, Routledge, 2022</span>


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