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Terry Laidler is a psychologist and a former ABC Melbourne Drive presenter. He chaired the Victorian Road Safety Co-ordinating Council in the early 1990s through the Drink, Drive, Bloody Idiot campaign that saw a paradigm shift in road safety in the state.

The Wrong Questions

The real issues of how the failure of the Victorian hotel quarantine program became the SOURCE of the State’s lethal second wave of Covid-19 infections have been lost.

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TERRY LAIDLER. Stop the Fires

The old paradigm we used for “fighting” fires has failed. The new paradigm has to be that we decide to “Stop the Fires” and the new question is not how do we contain or manage them or wait them out. … Continue reading

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TERRY LAIDLER. Reconstructing Juvenile Justice – a 7 point plan

A major public storm has erupted in Victoria about the government’s decision to locate a new juvenile justice detention centre at Werribee in the city’s south west. Locals see it as demeaning to their neighbourhood, but, in my view, it’s … Continue reading

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TERRY LAIDLER. ‘Catholic Clericalism’

I heard the Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, a man I counted as a good friend many years ago when I too was a Catholic priest, speaking to Fran Kelly on RN Breakfast yesterday []. Rightly, in my opinion, he … Continue reading

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Terry Laidler. To Michael Pezzullo, Secretary, Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Dear Mr Pezzullo, Starting to get through to you, is it? Great! Forget your law of the land, let alone your direction of the government of the day drivel — neither of these is some sort of absolute that lets … Continue reading

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Terry Laidler. What George Pell Might Have Said

What George Pell Might Have Said Meanwhile, in a parallel universe … “Your Honour Please could I start by making a statement that I hope will help the Commission and that I pray will give some solace to so many … Continue reading

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Terry Laidler. All Roads Lead TO Rome?

So, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse will take Cardinal Pell’s final evidence next week by video link from Rome. Tim Minchin’s song and the associated crowd funding effort will allow some victims of abuse to … Continue reading

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