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Tony Jaques, Consultant and Managing Director, Issue Outcomes P/L Tony Jaques is a consultant specialising in issue and crisis management, and lectures at RMIT and Swinburne University. He is also the Managing Director of Issue Outcomes P/L.

Pandemic deaths have numbed our humanity and perception of risk

On one terrible day in December, Covid-19 deaths in the US for the first time exceeded the death toll from the World Trade Centre terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. To make people care we need to personalise the issue. 

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How to respond in the US when your brand comes under political attack

While the American election is finally over, one company is still monitoring for potential damage after being caught up in false allegations of voting fraud.

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Why values matter in a crisis

A crisis is a test of leadership. A test of systems. And a test of relationships. But it is also a test of values.

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Is this the least meaningful crisis defence?-This is not who we are!

When a crisis strikes it’s very natural to try and hide behind some sort of a defensive statement. Yet that statement needs to be meaningful and not just a fashionable cliché posing as a moral fig-leaf.

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