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A regular collection of links to writings and broadcasts covered in other media.

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DUNCAN GRAHAM New name, old menu, but hope looms

Fresh news for stay-at-homes: The ABC has abandoned spin to reveal its overseas TV service is not aired to showcase the nation, but amuse expats.

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JOHN TULLOH. Sorry, Rupert, the ABC is more trusted than you are.

As keen as the local Murdoch media are in reporting opinion polls, a recent survey* probably was not one of them. It declared that their avowed nemesis remained by far the most trusted media organisation in Australia. That is the … Continue reading

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KERRY O’BRIEN. Speech to ABC Friends rally – Sydney 8 July 2018

Let me start with a quote: ‘…The ABC is a vital part of our nation’s polity. It is one of the great foundations of journalism and news gathering and broadcasting in the country. It has a very special place in … Continue reading

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RANALD MACDONALD. A wonderfully ‘Sydney-style’ rally was held on Sunday to galvanise support for the ABC

It was emotional, noisy, sweaty, energetic and organised chaos, as 1000 public broadcasting enthusiasts scrambled and fought their way into the 400 seat NSW Teachers Federation auditorium in Surry Hills.  

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PATRICIA EDGAR. The ABC, Facebook and the Meaning of Trust

Trust is an interesting concept. It takes time to develop trust which results from a broad experience of something (or someone) which demonstrates consistent, reliable behavior with integrity, ability, and surety; it involves confident expectation. But trust can be lost … Continue reading

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JOHN MENADUE. The dumbed- down tax ‘debate’ and the Canberra Press Gallery.

In the ‘debate’ over tax and the attacks on Bill Shorten, not one member of the Canberra Press Gallery could be bothered to explain to us that with dividend imputation the difference between a 25% and a 27% tax rate … Continue reading

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PATRICIA EDGAR. Going Round the Twist with Telstra and the NBN Co

NBN Co claims their ‘focus remains strongly on improving customer experience on the network including a smooth connection to the network.’ In fact the experience is a fiasco.  

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DUNCAN GRAHAM. Our failing media again-ignoring an election next door.

‘The World’ is a nightly news show on Australia Plus, our overseas TV showcase transmitted to 44 countries in Asia and the Pacific.  The one-hour programme pulls together the day’s global issues, often adding lengthy interviews dissecting international developments.

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PATRICIA EDGAR. The Circus that has been Government Policy on the ABC for Forty Years

The ABC has been an extraordinarily resilient organisation. It has withstood management and Board upheavals, survived remorseless budget cuts and harassment. But the current attacks on staff and on its role are as overt and vicious as they have ever … Continue reading

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DENNIS ALTMAN. Australia’s dangerous obsession with the Anglosphere

Australia’s cultural obsession with the US and the UK has real impacts on our politics.

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TONY SMITH. Under siege – the ABC, the Coalition and News Ltd.

When the Liberal Party Council endorsed a motion that sought to make privatisation of the ABC party policy, it laid bare several realities about Australian politics and media. The most obvious is that the ABC is under siege by the … Continue reading

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LAURIE PATTON. Is Telstra simply unmanageable right now?

What happens when you take a dysfunctional government corporation, privatise it, and then allow it to pretty much do as it likes? The answer to that question is at the heart of what is no doubt keeping Andrew Penn awake … Continue reading

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PETER MANNING. Liberals on another planet

It disturbs me a great deal that it was the Federal Council of the Liberal Party that called by a large margin for the privatisation of the ABC. Not the rambo Young Liberals. Not a local branch in Sydney’s southern … Continue reading

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Grimly ideological neoliberals in the ranks of the young fogies at the Liberal Party’s recent federal council sponsored a motion to privatise the ABC. In an astonishing display of shooting themselves in the foot, the old fogies present (including Ministers … Continue reading

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CAROL GLATZ. Dictatorships begin with taking over media, warns pope

Individuals are tempted to destroy by spreading scandalous news, Pope Francis said during Mass. Media outlets are also put in the hands of unscrupulous people.

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LAURIE PATTON. You can’t privatise an organisation that doesn’t make a profit!

The ABC earns around $100 million a year from its commercial activities (mainly ABC shops). Its annual operating budget is more than a billion dollars.

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MICHAEL PASCOE. Liberals’ lurch to the right is straight out of Trump playbook

“What federal council meeting? Oh, that federal council meeting – privatising the ABC, following Trump on moving our embassy to Jerusalem? No, nothing to see here. Move along.”

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PAUL COLLINS. No longer eight cents a day.

For a lumbering, slow-moving, accident prone government, the Liberals moved like Speedy Gonzales to reassure us that they wouldn’t “privatize” or “sell” the ABC as recommended by a Young Liberal motion at the recent Liberal federal council meeting. Energy minister … Continue reading

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RANALD MACDONALD. The threat to public broadcasting in this country becomes more menacing by the day.

Those who say that the ABC will be around for years to come have their heads truly in a world of denial. On top of the Government’s huge cuts to funding, with 1000 less employed today than four years ago, … Continue reading

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JOHN MOLONY. A review of Race Mathews, Of Labour and Liberty: Distributism in Victoria 1891–1966

Many years ago, I tried to review Ronald Knox’s lifelong study of the numerous minor sects or branches of post-Reformation Christianity. He named it Enthusiasm. Despite my own enthusiasm for the treasures amassed in the book, I was unable to … Continue reading

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JOHN MENADUE The media are finding Chinese under most rocks.

The campaign run by some of our security agencies  and people close to them about the alleged  Chinese threat is getting great support from some  journalists.  The latest is Andrew Greene, the  security and defence  reporter at the ABC who … Continue reading

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LAURIE PATTON. Community tv – needed now more than ever.

Last week the Government announced a further two year extension on its deadline for community television stations to vacate their free-to-air spectrum. The death knell first rang back in September 2014 when then communications minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that all … Continue reading

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WAYNE SWAN. Foreign influence and foreign donations in Australia.

The debate over foreign influence in our domestic politics and policymaking is an important one for our country – too important for political point-scoring and manipulation by vested interests and political vendettas.  

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DAMIEN CAVE. Blurred lines between journalists and what we cover.

As soon as I made eye contact with the smiling woman in the Doctors Without Borders T-shirt on a busy Sydney street, I knew I’d be asked for money or a signature. And I knew I’d say no. “I’m a … Continue reading

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JOHN MENADUE   Our security agencies are not accountable.

The performance and integrity of our security services is a serious national problem. These are particular problems for agencies which operate in secret and with few public checks. We have seen that they are prepared to upstage ministers and undermine … Continue reading

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JOHN MENADUE. Who is in charge of Australia’s relations with China? The Australian Prime Minister or ASIO?

ASIO is on a roll in co-ordinating the attack on China and its alleged covert operations in Australia. Only last Friday we learnt that super patriot Andrew Hastie, formerly an officer in SAS and currently Chair of the Parliamentary Joint … Continue reading

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PETER MANNING. Public trust and the ABC, a landmine for Turnbull.

It’s a long-time ago now but in the early 1990’s, just after I’d finished my stint as head of ABC TV News and Current Affairs (and having a blue with first Bob Hawke and then David Hill over ABC TV … Continue reading

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LAURIE PATTON. Consultation group to help reshape Internet domain names management.

With three months to develop new processes to redress historical weaknesses the company managing Australia’s Internet domain names has created a broad-based consultative group to guide the process.

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JOHN MENADUE. The scourge of lobbyists.

There are many key public issues that we must address such as climate change, growing inequality, tax avoidance, budget repair, an ageing population, lifting our productivity and our treatment of asylum seekers. But our capacity to address these and other important … Continue reading

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