CAVAN HOGUE. Handing over our Defence to a foreign country.

Aug 17, 2016

The Government has refused to allow a Chinese firm to invest in electricity because it is seen as a threat to our security but it has no difficulty in handing over our defence to a foreign country. Australian defence forces are so integrated with the US that it is hard to see how we can operate independently.  Of course the USA is an ally and a friend but it is naive to imagine that the US would ever put Australian interests before American ones. It never has and it would be mad to do so. We, however, have got involved in wars that serve American interests but not Australian ones. Countries don’t have friends, they have interests.

Our leaders have made it clear that they will work closely with whoever is elected US President. This will be either Hilary Clinton who justified the invasion of Iraq on the grounds that it would be a blow against terrorists including al Qaeda. She chose to ignore the fact that Saddam Hussein was Osama bin Laden’s enemy and that the invasion benefited terrorists. Will we see a rerun of George W. Bush?

Or perhaps we will be close friends with Donald Trump. Nobody really knows what he stands for, including himself.

Cavan Hogue was a senior Australian diplomat and Ambassador to USSR and Russia.

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