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 Financial Support for Pearls & Irritations 

Independent media is more important now than ever before.

Supporters such as David Williamson, Ken Henry, Michael Keating, Bob Carr, Ross Gittins and others have all commented on the indispensable role of Pearls & Irritations in the changing media environment.

To ensure the future of Pearls & Irritations, we are contracting out production, technical support and promotion. We have not asked for financial contributions in the past – but we need your support now.

I will continue as editor. The editorial independence of Pearls & Irritations will be strictly maintained.  There will continue to be no advertising and no paywall.

There are several reasons for this outsourcing.

The first is to ease Susie’s and my workload and make it easier for guest editors to help the building of Pearls & Irritations.

The second is technical support. This has been provided on a pro bono basis for seven years. As Pearls & Irritations has grown, and technology has become more complex, this is no longer practicable.

The third is that Pearls & Irritations needs better promotion through Twitter, Facebook and search engine optimisation. Many readers have told us that we should be reaching a wider audience. We agree. ‘Promotion’ to date has been by word-of-mouth only.

For seven years, Susie and I have not employed staff. We rely on the support and goodwill of outstanding contributors and volunteers who have not been paid.

In a survey of our readers late last year, they made clear how much they valued Pearls & Irritations and wished it to continue and strengthen the voice of independent media in Australia. That is our intention. Please see readers comments here.

We look forward to your continuing support.

John Menadue.

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