JOHN MENADUE. Paris postcard.

For the last ten days, I have been enjoying my stay in Paris.  As a result of the summer vacation and the terrorism threat, Paris has been remarkably quiet.  I have not yet had to queue for any gallery. Crowds of tourists are almost something of the past.

Yet there is an uneasy calm. Police and the military are very obvious.

France is facing a dilemma. With its democratic background and concern for human rights, it is facing a serious challenge in dealing with a terrorist threat. The French Prime Minister has said that terrorism is something that France will have to live with. The French government has been receiving and considering many ways to combat terrorism, including further extensions of emergency powers, denial of foreign funding of Muslim schools and further police surveillance.

Part of the problem that France faces is its Algerian legacy.

A recent article by Adam Nossiter in the International Edition of the New York Times describes very well how France is trying to weigh the balance between the current threats and its democratic traditions. See link to article below.  John Menadue


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