Letters to the Editor

  • The capitulation of Ukraine

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • The legal black hole of nuclear

    Given the exceptional regulatory requirements for nuclear, can the Coalition detail its legally-binding ‘road map’ for the planning, building, maintenance, decommissioning and waste storage of nuclear plants?

  • Julian Cribb offers government a climate plan

    Julian Cribb argues that world agriculture is not sustainable in quantity or quality for a human population of over 8 billion; and it will result in mass refugees.

  • Australians would support non-alignment

    Should we not urgently and seriously consider becoming a geopolitically non-aligned nation?

  • Journalists could bone up on nuclear information

    The Coalition, advocates “letting the market decide” on nuclear power, as if the economics of such a hugely complicated technology can be divorced from the science.

  • Capitalism and democracy are different things

    The US Empire has only ever been interested in defending Capitalism, not democracy.

  • Most certainly, we hold no sympathy for Hamas….

    There is no need to highlight the atrocities Hamas is accused of committing on October 7th

  • Poor policy results in poor outcomes

    There has been much ado about the so-called Reserve Bank of Australia’s modus operandi, but most of all, it overlooks the fact that the RBA is an instrument of the Federal Government, independent or otherwise.

  • Why is the US waiting for Hamas?

    Twice in five weeks Hamas has accepted a ceasefire proposal guaranteed by the US, Egypt and Qatar.

  • Stigmatising dementia

    Whilst I understand the viewpoint of the author, and do not necessarily disagree with euthanasia in general, I think unfortunately the focus is on the disease, not the person living with dementia.

  • The Hypocrisy on Gaza is widespread indeed

    It is interesting to compare the expressed Australian outrage over Gaza, the horror over Australian support for Israel, in articles such as this one, with the complete lack of interest expressed in what is happening, has happened, in other war zones around the world, where the international community watched and did nothing.

  • Russia’s nuclear threat

    Putin is the warmonger here.

  • Religion and the Census

    In all statistical probability there are closer to 50% of 'non faith people' rather than the reported 39%.

  • Labor’s climate failures

    All those equally concerned about climate and the environment would do well to support Green or independent candidates at the next federal election.

  • Political hypocracy

    Nearly a trillion bucks for obsolete boats is gonna break the country.

  • Critical thought – Culturally Determined Mediation

    P&I as a publication, is yet to cross the Rubicon.

  • Can the Albanese Govt be trusted with Australia?

    Since the loss of the 2019 Election the Labor party has been shell shocked , a rabbit caught in the head lights .

  • Finally, the facts on Chinese growth

    Julia Gillard was right - this will be the Asian century - and hopefully we can still tag along.

  • Dangers of Neutrality

    Is Neutrality a safe policy to pursue?

  • Doomsday clock

    I was surprised at how much the doomsday clock had varied since 1947.

  • We must recover the common good

    Geoff Davies has identified that the energy transition alone will be insufficient to achieve a truly sustainable society.

  • A spade is a spade, (unless it’s Israeli . . )

    The analogy Gillian Cowlishaw makes with domestic violence’s insidious control mechanisms is a perfect analogy for the truth manipulation that Israel has quietly been building and cementing into political structures worldwide over decades.

  • Brave voices should be applauded

    The Jewish Council of Australia is to be commended and applauded for their brave and principled stance on the ongoing genocide against Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank.

  • Biden’s bombs burn babies

    Biden’s bombs burn babies. There have been further murders by Israel in the day since.

  • We need leaders who rise to the climate challenge

    Violet Coco is intelligent, informed, passionate and provocative. She sees the critical state of our climate and environment, and the need for urgent, transformative action.

  • Bias in the Letters pages

    "... the denying of Israel’s Gazan starvation strategy (a longstanding affair) may have been too much for the normally acquiescent letters editors to bear."

  • Daniel Duggan

    Thank you to Mary Kostakidis for spelling out some of the injustice being inflicted on Dan Duggan and his family.

  • We cannot leave transition to our children

    Andrew Glikson highlights once again how humanity is facing an existential crisis as our environment decays.

  • Biden Administration Stands Self-Indicted

    Joe Biden condones dismemberment of children but not inspection of genocide.

  • The degree of obedience of a soldier

    The problem is Defence doctrine is reliant on mission command.

  • The role of the Greens

    What about the Greens?

  • Dien Bien Phu and Vietnam war protests

    The excellent article re the Viet Minh victory at Dien Bien Phu, is illuminative. Those who would seek more information are recommended to read Lucien Bodard's 'The Quicksand War'

  • Finally, facts against the almighty Hasbara b.s.

    It was very heartening to read Evan Jones' brave article, pushing back against the overwhelming media deluge by the pro-Israel community.

  • It’s just the budget to win the next election

    I believe after Labor are re-elected in 2025 they will make some of the changes we need as a nation.

  • The US has lost key states

    The Saudis have signed up with the BRICS.

  • Peacekeeping force for Gaza

  • Gaza genocide

    Thank you for telling the true, whole (for this period of our lives) story.

  • We must break the power of lobbying and donations

    The fossil fuel industry will never cooperate to bring about their own demise.

  • Pushers of war for corporate gain

    Why not expose the real pushers of war for corporate gain…..the weapons industries.

  • The US hegemon

    It is sad that most think we need someone to 'have our back' when there has been no guarantees of that - ever.

  • Betrayal X 2

    As climate catastrophe races towards us and we prepare for war as a puppet of the US, we are doomed without immediate action.

  • We should all support an Earth Systems Treaty

    "The Australian government should place an Earth System Treaty on the UN agenda."

  • Yes, Minister. Listen to the kids

    It's all sounding gaza-ish, isn't it?

  • “Future Made in Australia”

    Why are Australian governments so secondhand and second-rate?

  • A valuable contribution

    Four words.

  • Cognitive dissonance over climate catastrophe

    Will the dissenting Labor MP voices give pause to the decision-makers who now appear to spurn those who voted for them in the climate election of 2022?

  • Ceasefire guarantee or red line of blood?

    The Biden red line, which is not a red line according to Blinken, is nothing but a trail of blood running across the sea from Gaza to Washington.

  • Hope now rests on very thin ice

    77% of IPCC climate lead scientists, as reported by the Guardian this week, see that we will, almost inevitably, be facing catastrophic global temperature rise within the foreseeable future.

  • EEZ rules

    I was enlightened by this article as to the rules for entering an EEZ.

  • Blinken and the mote and beam

    As the Chinese saying goes; for every finger the US points outward, three fingers point inward.

  • The US empires’ Days are numbered

    The US Government now spends more on interests payments to service it debt than on defence, which is the tipping point when an empire is finished.

  • Australia’s American lenses

    A nest of Indian spies

  • Avani Dias and The Australian

    am Varghese makes a cogent argument for exposing News Corps' white blindfold approach to journalism.

  • Lest we forget — Who should we commemorate?

    Lest we forget that our society is made up of a multitude of faces, opinions, histories, beliefs, not all fought for by our soldiers.

  • Lest we forget — beyond ANZAC

    If we say lest we forget, lest we forget its whole, not just the parts we seek to make hallowed.

  • Terrorism: let’s call it out

    Enculturated from birth into a patriarchal system, most see gender politics as simply ‘how it is’ or may not perceive it at all.

  • Every morning I wake early, Gaza is my first thought

    Thank you for publishing this piece-it’s perfect and I am weeping.

  • Future Made In Australia (Michael Keating article)

    Like so many democracies, Australia is struggling with the “Guns, Butter, Future Growth” dilemma

  • In a parallel universe

    According to some physicists there exists a multitude of parallel universes. In one of these: Palestine is recognised, but Israel is not.

  • US Demands China stop Supplying Russia in Ukraine

    I wonder how it would be reported If the Chinese Secretary of state went to the USA and demanded that the US stop supply Israel weapons for use in the Palestine genocide?

  • An eminence grise in his own lunchtime

    Jack Waterford treated Pezullo more kindly than he deserves

  • Measures That Matter, Matter

    Chelsea Hunnicutt’s call to remind the Treasurer about his promised Measures That Matter is welcome.

  • Israel’s historical mythology and Arab Jews

    I must take you up on an aspect of Israel's historical Mythology

  • Corals warn humanity to speed energy transition

    It is now the world's choice between life or death for everyone .... Surely a minority of humans cannot make the wrong choice for the sake of money.

  • Cautious Terrorism

    'Cautious' is not the word I would use for the shameful conduct of Australia in condoning genocide by the Israeli government and IDF top brass.

  • SEZs are the answer

    The elephant on the page is China which is by far the most relevant and current example of how industrial development can happen successfully led by Government.

  • Labor has left the building

    It's galling that Labor seems to think it can move so far to the right and we just have to suck it up.

  • Palestinian state

    Logic would suggest we should immediately refuse to recognise the State of Israel.

  • We trust truth over ‘news as entertainment’

    Ranald McDonald’s selectivity is confounding.

  • Be both alert and alarmed

    Anthony Albanese may be hoping that the meek will inherit the earth; they may, but the earth they inherit may no longer support life.

  • Recognising Palestine

    Larry Stillman's argument for recognising Palestine as a first step to peace in the region, with which I largely agree, includes one possible scenario involving a condominium.

  • Gender theory exists

    'Gender theory' exists. It is taught in universities and in schools.

  • We ARE part of the problem!

  • We must stop mining fossil fuels.

    Dr David Shearman concludes that fossil fuel mining in Australia and exports to the world are deadly and must urgently end.

  • Fossil fuel users can pollute in secret

    Even before the attacks on the right to protest well documented by Lucy Hamilton, large users of fossil fuels in Australia have been given the right to pollute in secret. We are not allowed to know which fuels they use, or how much - if they claim “commercial confidentiality”.

  • The real battle to save NDIS is about people

    The NDIS amendment Bill will not be the rosy panacea this article proposes. The Bill has potential to be more unfair at best, and cause serious harm at worst. Outcomes for people hardly rate a mention. Disability advocates, lawyers, barristers, those with human rights and disability discrimination background did not miss the Bill and will be sending submissions to the Senate Inquiry. The Bill fails the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disability that Australia is signatory too. As such it fails Australians with the most serious need.

  • We need to see what lobbyists do

    Lobbying is a service to vested interests that thrives in the shadows. It must be brought into the light.

  • The only planet

    Thanks, Michael Leunig.

  • Nuclear Smoke and Fossil Fuel Mirrors

    Do the Liberals really want nuclear power? Why go down this rabbit hole?

  • The whisper of an eternity beyond

    Yes, Mr Leunig I am officially and often sadly on the ‘Wrong Planet’, entrapped in my mortal coil, a prisoner of time and entropy

  • Shame on Labor

    The Australian Labor Party needs to have a serious look at their moral compass.

  • Infinite growth equals infinite stupidity

    As a human with a brain I’ve long been amused and shocked by the way most other humans mindlessly embrace the concept of infinite and exponential growth while living on a finite planet. The selling of this idea and the greedy and mindless pursuit of it is likely to lead to a less successful and happy future for the children of those grasping and grabbing. Ironically, many of them do so in the belief they are creating a better life for their offspring.

  • Albanese and killing of Zomi Frankcom

    While I agree with the sentiments expressed by Reb Halabi, Albanese’s situation is not so simple.

  • One State: The Only Future for Palestine – Israel

    Sandra Kanck (P&I, April 7) has done a fine job of exposing the idiocy of a two state solution to the question of Palestine/Israel. The thought of two distinct peoples with very different views as to who was/is the rightful occupier of Palestine operating two distinct states with all that that entails on a parcel of land scarcely larger than the greater Brisbane area was always naïve.

  • First they came for Palestine

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist.Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.—Martin NiemöllerRecent reported actions by the IDF in Jerusalem over Ramadan made me think of the relevance of Martin Niemollar, poem

  • The fragility of existence

    None of us can stand the heat

  • Arrogance and Absolute Lies

    The 'explanations' coming from the Israeli government and the IDF various representatives concerning the al-Shifa Hospital massacre and the WCK Aid murders are arrogant lies that insult the intelligence of the rest of the world.

  • Population – an insidious problem

    The housing crisis in Australia is multifaceted and can only be addressed by tackling all aspects of the problem in a manner that won't exacerbate the envronment while benefitting Australians

  • Shameful oil and gas realities

    Despite the International Energy Agency clearly stating back in 2021 that there is no need for any new investment in fossil fuels, gas and oil production is still expanding.

  • Deaths in Gaza and Ukraine

    Comparisons between the figures given by the Palestinian Health Authority for deaths in the Gaza War and the UN’s verified number of civilians killed in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, grossly underestimate the deaths in Ukraine, which don’t cover Russian controlled territories and could exceed 100,000.

  • Unity of Life

    ‘If we are God’s creation, how could God allow it? If God is omnipotent, how could God be so impotent?"

  • Wow!


  • Can Tanya Plibersek give us a sustainable future?

    Colonialism brought the exploitation and depletion of our natural resources. We need to return to a lifestyle where we nurture our environment as it nurtures us.

  • Security Council needs to back up its resolution

    The UN Security Council needs to use its powers to back up the resolution on Gaza if Israel and Hamas do not promptly comply.

  • Tony Abbott and news corp

    Tony Abbott works for News Corp/ Fox Corp.

  • So Ashamed

    I'm so ashamed to be Australian.


    We still see ourselves as an appendage of the Anglosphere entrapped in South East Asia with Asians, especially the Chinese, coveting our Continent. We are still obsessed with the fear of encroaching YellowPeril-itis. The response to this irrational view of ourselves and of our neighbours has led our leaders to hysterically cling to; initially Great Britain, which as the fall of Singapore exposed was not Great anymore, then equally hysterically, to the apron strings of the U.S.

  • Why does my tax fund discrimination?

    If religious schools want to discriminate against some pupils and staff, the least we can do is stop subsidising them with public money, money I have contributed to.

  • We can see the future, and it’s bleak.

    Our struggle to maintain a healthy, sustainable environment is forever undermined by those in power who convince the majority that all is well.

  • The Australian threat analysis may be faulty

    What is the security threat that Australia is perceiving for itself?

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