Letters to the Editor

  • Palestine

    Palestine. Oh! Palestine. Should not be left to wither on the vine. Our love for you does entwine

  • ‘I’m permanently pissed off’

    What do you think would happen next if a peace deal was established with a victorious Russia and Hamas?

  • LGBTQ+ people and Religious Organisations

    Yvonne Patterson is unfortunately correct when she suggests that Australian governments are prejudiced towards LGBTIQ people

  • In response to your article

    I would like to bring a correction. Falun Dafa is not anti China.

  • Biden’s Floating Aid Fails as Expected

  • Common sense Wisdom

  • The Power Options Debate (A Professionals View)

    As a hydropower engineer, responsible for the economic justification of aa of my projects I suppose I should weigh in on the power options debate.

  • A startling admission from a former insider

    In amongst a blather of pseudo-intellectual posturing, Mike Pezzullo’s recent long essay in ASPI’s The Strategist makes a startling revelation.

  • Nuclear power and weapons linked

    Any nation that has nuclear power stations has access to making nuclear weapons and there are no effective international sanctions to prevent this.

  • Robo-Debt fall-out

    The question is, are our governments accountable. The answer appears to be a very clear no.

  • Graduates not ‘job-ready’ without the humanities

    University graduates will never be ready for any jobs without a knowledge of history and the skills to analyse critically the social contexts in which they work.

  • The capitulation of Ukraine

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • The legal black hole of nuclear

    Given the exceptional regulatory requirements for nuclear, can the Coalition detail its legally-binding ‘road map’ for the planning, building, maintenance, decommissioning and waste storage of nuclear plants?

  • Julian Cribb offers government a climate plan

    Julian Cribb argues that world agriculture is not sustainable in quantity or quality for a human population of over 8 billion; and it will result in mass refugees.

  • Australians would support non-alignment

    Should we not urgently and seriously consider becoming a geopolitically non-aligned nation?

  • Journalists could bone up on nuclear information

    The Coalition, advocates “letting the market decide” on nuclear power, as if the economics of such a hugely complicated technology can be divorced from the science.

  • Capitalism and democracy are different things

    The US Empire has only ever been interested in defending Capitalism, not democracy.

  • Most certainly, we hold no sympathy for Hamas….

    There is no need to highlight the atrocities Hamas is accused of committing on October 7th

  • Poor policy results in poor outcomes

    There has been much ado about the so-called Reserve Bank of Australia’s modus operandi, but most of all, it overlooks the fact that the RBA is an instrument of the Federal Government, independent or otherwise.

  • Why is the US waiting for Hamas?

    Twice in five weeks Hamas has accepted a ceasefire proposal guaranteed by the US, Egypt and Qatar.

  • Stigmatising dementia

    Whilst I understand the viewpoint of the author, and do not necessarily disagree with euthanasia in general, I think unfortunately the focus is on the disease, not the person living with dementia.

  • The Hypocrisy on Gaza is widespread indeed

    It is interesting to compare the expressed Australian outrage over Gaza, the horror over Australian support for Israel, in articles such as this one, with the complete lack of interest expressed in what is happening, has happened, in other war zones around the world, where the international community watched and did nothing.

  • Russia’s nuclear threat

    Putin is the warmonger here.

  • Religion and the Census

    In all statistical probability there are closer to 50% of 'non faith people' rather than the reported 39%.

  • Labor’s climate failures

    All those equally concerned about climate and the environment would do well to support Green or independent candidates at the next federal election.

  • Political hypocracy

    Nearly a trillion bucks for obsolete boats is gonna break the country.

  • Critical thought – Culturally Determined Mediation

    P&I as a publication, is yet to cross the Rubicon.

  • Can the Albanese Govt be trusted with Australia?

    Since the loss of the 2019 Election the Labor party has been shell shocked , a rabbit caught in the head lights .

  • Finally, the facts on Chinese growth

    Julia Gillard was right - this will be the Asian century - and hopefully we can still tag along.

  • Dangers of Neutrality

    Is Neutrality a safe policy to pursue?

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