Letters to the Editor

  • Critical thought – Culturally Determined Mediation

    P&I as a publication, is yet to cross the Rubicon.

  • Can the Albanese Govt be trusted with Australia?

    Since the loss of the 2019 Election the Labor party has been shell shocked , a rabbit caught in the head lights .

  • Finally, the facts on Chinese growth

    Julia Gillard was right - this will be the Asian century - and hopefully we can still tag along.

  • Dangers of Neutrality

    Is Neutrality a safe policy to pursue?

  • Doomsday clock

    I was surprised at how much the doomsday clock had varied since 1947.

  • We must recover the common good

    Geoff Davies has identified that the energy transition alone will be insufficient to achieve a truly sustainable society.

  • A spade is a spade, (unless it’s Israeli . . )

    The analogy Gillian Cowlishaw makes with domestic violence’s insidious control mechanisms is a perfect analogy for the truth manipulation that Israel has quietly been building and cementing into political structures worldwide over decades.

  • Brave voices should be applauded

    The Jewish Council of Australia is to be commended and applauded for their brave and principled stance on the ongoing genocide against Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank.

  • Biden’s bombs burn babies

    Biden’s bombs burn babies. There have been further murders by Israel in the day since.

  • We need leaders who rise to the climate challenge

    Violet Coco is intelligent, informed, passionate and provocative. She sees the critical state of our climate and environment, and the need for urgent, transformative action.

  • Bias in the Letters pages

    "... the denying of Israel’s Gazan starvation strategy (a longstanding affair) may have been too much for the normally acquiescent letters editors to bear."

  • Daniel Duggan

    Thank you to Mary Kostakidis for spelling out some of the injustice being inflicted on Dan Duggan and his family.

  • We cannot leave transition to our children

    Andrew Glikson highlights once again how humanity is facing an existential crisis as our environment decays.

  • Biden Administration Stands Self-Indicted

    Joe Biden condones dismemberment of children but not inspection of genocide.

  • The degree of obedience of a soldier

    The problem is Defence doctrine is reliant on mission command.

  • The role of the Greens

    What about the Greens?

  • Dien Bien Phu and Vietnam war protests

    The excellent article re the Viet Minh victory at Dien Bien Phu, is illuminative. Those who would seek more information are recommended to read Lucien Bodard's 'The Quicksand War'

  • Finally, facts against the almighty Hasbara b.s.

    It was very heartening to read Evan Jones' brave article, pushing back against the overwhelming media deluge by the pro-Israel community.

  • It’s just the budget to win the next election

    I believe after Labor are re-elected in 2025 they will make some of the changes we need as a nation.

  • The US has lost key states

    The Saudis have signed up with the BRICS.

  • Peacekeeping force for Gaza

  • Gaza genocide

    Thank you for telling the true, whole (for this period of our lives) story.

  • We must break the power of lobbying and donations

    The fossil fuel industry will never cooperate to bring about their own demise.

  • Pushers of war for corporate gain

    Why not expose the real pushers of war for corporate gain…..the weapons industries.

  • The US hegemon

    It is sad that most think we need someone to 'have our back' when there has been no guarantees of that - ever.

  • Betrayal X 2

    As climate catastrophe races towards us and we prepare for war as a puppet of the US, we are doomed without immediate action.

  • We should all support an Earth Systems Treaty

    "The Australian government should place an Earth System Treaty on the UN agenda."

  • Yes, Minister. Listen to the kids

    It's all sounding gaza-ish, isn't it?

  • “Future Made in Australia”

    Why are Australian governments so secondhand and second-rate?

  • A valuable contribution

    Four words.

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