A spade is a spade, (unless it’s Israeli . . )

Glenda Jones, Carlton, Jun 14, 2024

The analogy Gillian Cowlishaw makes with domestic violence’s insidious control mechanisms is a perfect analogy for the truth manipulation that Israel has quietly been building and cementing into political structures worldwide over decades. The real victim, Palestine is repeatedly over-written by well-funded and loud false narratives.

Australian Zionists, under the umbrella of the Jewish faith have been allowed to heckle and harass any truth tellers with information from that beautiful, ancient country of Palestine, by dismissing the teller and insisting that they alone control the story and the Jewish people must always be seen as the victims.
Appallingly the Israelis are still claiming victimhood even though:
– [1] Armed by America, UK, Australia, Canada and some European countries, they have slaughtered thousands of Palestinians indiscriminately.
– [2] They have repeatedly lied to Western media about the 7th October attack although it has been proven that many Israelis were killed by their own tanks and helicopters.
– [3] The resilience fighters Hamas offered to swap hostages on the 8th October but it was rebuffed by Netanyahu.
It was never about hostages, its always been about total control of the other. .

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