A startling admission from a former insider

Mike Scrafton, Ireland, Jun 21, 2024

In amongst a blather of pseudo-intellectual posturing, Mike Pezzullo’s recent long essay in ASPI’s The Strategist makes a startling revelation.

As someone recently removed from Australia’s security centre it’s disturbing when Pezzullo writes;

“[Australia’s] actual grand strategy is being conducted, thankfully, at variance with our declared policy—through contributing to the building of a US-centred system of integrated deterrence in the Indo-Pacific, the hardening of Australia as a bastion for allied war-fighting operations, and the continuing integration of certain strategic functions undertaken on Australian territory into global US war-fighting systems”.

Taken at face value this is an admission that the Albanese government has been misleading the Australia public over the real consequences of the AUKUS agreement and the extent to which Australia’s sovereignty has been abandoned.

Many voices have been making this point in the pages of Pearls & Irritations for some time. Now it’s confirmed.


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