Albanese and killing of Zomi Frankcom

Michael Hassett, Blackburn, Apr 12, 2024

On face value, it is appalling that it takes the death of an Australian to prompt Albanese and Wong to stand up to Israel when the massacre of 32000 Palestinians fails to do so.

Perhaps however, Albanese is cognisant of similarities between two countries in that they both have settler colonial origins. Both have histories of oppressing and trying to wipe out the original inhabitants.

The referendum on the indigenous voice just one week after the Hamas attack, saw to this country’s shame, 60% of Australians rebuff the opportunity to accept what was done to First Nations people and make amends.

Israel’s oppression of Palestinians is ongoing, whereas at least Australia now recognizes past wrongs and is trying with mixed success, to make amends. Still, our shameful history is not long behind us.

Netanyahu may well be entitled to ask “who are you to lecture us?”.

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