Ali Kazak has exposed the ugly history of Zionism

Gladys Jones, Carlton 3053, Nov 3, 2023

Originally the establishing of Israel was just a Zionist land grab, and the separation of states by distant powers a result of a racist disdain for the Arab culture.

But it’s now more sinister because the stakes are much higher.

Obviously ethnic cleansing is the way forward for an oil-hungry US and Israel.

So, thanks to the complicity of ABC reporters and journalists and most western Governments, we are following the US/Zionist playbook in order to effect a genocide.

How can people like Sarah Ferguson be gullible and brutish enough to demonise the Palestinians? For heaven’s sake, these are the real victims.  Locked in an open air prison and bombed, starved and deprived of fuel and communications.

It should be abundantly clear who the real bullies are.

How it is possible for the Western press to claim victim-hood for the Zionist oppressors and invaders defies belief.

We didn’t call Nelson Mandela a terrorist.

Surely Hamas should also be seen as freedom-fighters.

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