Arrogance and Absolute Lies

Richard Llewellyn, Colo Vale NSW, Apr 12, 2024

It has been obvious from the start of this whole dreadful mess that the Israeli government and the IDF have lied blatantly and with contemptuous arrogance for the intelligence of the rest of the world. I have been copied in to communiques from some senior ex-IDF personnel and other highly-ranked Israelis that shows clearly that these lies are also being perpetrated by Netanyahu and the IDF top command on to its populace via manipulation / cenorship / physical force and even murder of media resources.

Over many years, the world agonised about whether the average German citizen truly realised what was happening to the Jews in the Holocaust, and with justification; however given the access to instant, world-wide news broadcasting through the ‘net, such reasoning is not now (nor will it ever be) acceptable as an excuse.

It is absolutely not an excuse for the rest of the world to continue to allow, let alone support, the holocaust Israel has unleashed on the Palestinians.

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