Australians be aware

Bob Pearce, Adelaide, Aug 18, 2023

I have been for some time reading Pearls & irritations and alarmed at what I read – how unaware my fellow Australians are, and even more alarmed at where our Politicians are leading us .

Like many Labor voters (not members of the Labor party) I am alarmed at the performance of the Albanese govt. A govt given a large majority large enough to make real difference early in its term of Govt during it’s honeymoon period. An opportunity missed because it was to timid protecting its position as a govt.

I am concerned that the many damning commissioned reports & the NACC will become like the LNP Royal Commissions. All political diversion with no action.  In short Liberal light selling off & selling out Australia.

What is truly concerning is how unaware in general the Australian public are, how difficult it is to inform them without being branded a lefty nutter or a conspiracy theorist.

At my age it is tempting to put my head in the sand and join the lemmings.

After all at 70+ i will be long gone before the China war or worst of climate change hits. MAYBE.

Bob Pearce

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