Australians would support non-alignment

Penny Lee, Perth, Jun 17, 2024

Australia is part of The Global South. We would be wise to acknowledge (and embrace) the fact that we are fortuitously positioned between the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

We have the potential to become a major player in a world where everything is changing rapidly and too often catastrophically. Why are we hanging on to increasingly anachronous allegiances to has-been imperial powers?

Should we not urgently and seriously consider becoming a geopolitically non-aligned nation? Respectful friends of our neighbours and trading partners? We would be safer, I believe, without phantasmagoric protectors.

I agree that the ballot box is where we are fortunate enough to be able to contribute as individuals to the philosophical and political shift required. We need courageous and imaginative leaders who understand that the biggest crisis facing us today is the climate emergency we are already experiencing.

We do not need to be involved in other nations’ wars. We need leaders who truly understand that ethos of independence and initiative ordinary Australians value, whether they be regional, suburban, or inner-city dwellers. I believe there would be massive support for a move to non-alignment. It is something our elected representatives should be urgently and seriously discussing.

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