Avoiding scandalous commitments of “Forceposture”

Thomas Adams, Moe, Aug 25, 2023

Australian people must be encouraged to discuss and debate our “Force Posture” agreement with the U.S., because it contains deep, far reaching, irreversible dangers and commitments, and the risk of nuclear war.

The U.S. Policy, as promulgated in the U.S. Congress, is for “War with China once we have weakened Russia”; the contrived war in Ukraine is the U.S. process of weakening Russia.

The U.S. makes no secret of their intention to war with China, in about two to four years time; Australia will be obliged to increase the size of our military forces to comply with commitments in the “Force Posture”. Within two years, the Australian Government will be further obliged, to legislate, and introduce National Conscription, for men aged eighteen to thirty-two. They will need eighteen to twenty-four months of training, to meet the U.S. time-table.

Our population needs to understand the seriousness of the war we have now agreed to; once more we are going to war, based upon the whims and lies of the U.S. Our young people will be trained to kill or be killed, all in the cause of an enemy that does not exist for Australia, or the rest of mankind.

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