Biden Administration Stands Self-Indicted

Richard Llewellyn, Colo Vale NSW, May 29, 2024

There can be no more definite proof that for the USA, any claim of upholding ‘the International Rule of Law’ is utterly and shamelessly a complete and arrogant falsehood than the recent responses to the Gaza situation.

Within a few hours of the ICJ announcing a decision to determine the legality – or otherwise – of the actions of the leaders of the Israeli government in the context of war crimes and genocide, Joe Biden frothed his opposition, calling it ‘outrageous’. Eminent international justices trenchantly disagree, and the international community increasingly protests strongly the Israeli government/military matrix genocide being inflicted on the Palestinians.

So here is a request of Joe Biden, Anthony Blinken et al.: You find the idea of an investigation conducted by the highest legal authority in the world ‘outrageous’, yet you have in no way at all expressed other than pious platitudes about the horrendous decimation of Palestinian citizens carried out in Rafah yesterday.

Justify this.

To lapse into an angry use of a barely sufficient patois, Joe Biden, you are an atrocious individual and from a moral POV, full of shit. You condone dismemberment of children but not inspection of genocide.

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