Brave voices should be applauded

Robert Harwood, West Hobart, Jun 14, 2024

The Jewish Council of Australia is to be commended and applauded for their brave and principled stance on the ongoing genocide against Palestinians in both Gaza and the West Bank. Israel’s far-right national government insults our intelligence and compassion by continually seeking to dilute their murderous actions by calling them ‘unintended’ or ‘a tragic mistake’, or that such outrages are ‘under review’.

The Jewish Council of Australia quite rightly, and unequivocally, calls for Australia to hold Israel to account in the same way that Russia and some of its citizens are held responsible for the illegal invasion of Ukraine. Our government’s weasel-words and blatant evasions don’t cut it; and they certainly do not reflect the outrage and horror felt by many Australians who can plainly see what Israel is doing.

Worse, it seems that Australia must always, at all times, follow the United States’ line on any given issue. That is, forgo our independence and submit to a scurrilous and dominating narrative that is full of lies and devoid of historical context. In this context, it behooves us to acknowledge the honesty and bravery of the many Jews around the world who oppose Israel’s barbaric actions against Palestinians.

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