Can the Albanese Govt be trusted with Australia?

Bob Pearce, Adelaide SĄ, Jun 14, 2024

Since the loss of the 2019 Election the Labor party has been shell shocked , a rabbit caught in the head lights .

It has been dealing with the mess left behind by the ONE minister Morrison Govt, unable to even get the Dutton chickens (refugees and immigration) home to roost.

Albanese should have in his victory speach announced a review of the Public Service and of the AuKuSA submarine deal as the beginning of his bold agenda to fix the Morrison mess . Instead he has been wasting time and energy ensuring the Morrison/ Dutton mud doesnt stick to him and his govt.

I for one will be thinking long and hard where i put my once loyal Labor vote.

Sadly like most democracies around the world the alternative is not worth considering.  The choice is Democracy or Capitalism ( war ) by default and low voter interest capitalism is winning.

Democracy has always suffered from a system where everyone gets a vote whether they can think or not made worse by the TRUMPeting of lies and the ABBOTTing of opposition at any cost

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