Cautious Terrorism

Diana Rickard, Tumbling Waters NT, May 3, 2024

Gareth Evans writes of Australia being ‘the latest of formerly cautious countries’ now wanting statehood for Palestine.

‘Cautious’ is not the word I would use for the shameful conduct of Australia in condoning genocide by the Israeli government and IDF top brass.

Australia supports state-sanctioned terrorism by supplying ADF personnel and war machines and parts to help Israel murder yet more Gazan women and children.

It’s hard for me to condemn Hamas for defending Gazan rights for oppressed people while our ‘cautious’ politicians bury their heads in the sand to not see or hear the cries of the Innocents in Palestine. I support Palestinian nationhood. I do not condemn the right of Palestinian people to fight for their one nation. This is a human right.

I am not at all cautious in my contempt for the perpetual ‘right’ of Israel to torture and exterminate ‘others’ considered by Israeli ‘chosen people’ to be less-than-human.

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