Devastating reef reality

Amy Hiller, Kew, Aug 11, 2023

Although it was sobering reading, I thank Imogen Zethoven for outlining the Great Barrier Reef’s devastating reality.

While most Australian politicians and media focus on the latest UNESCO ruling, both climate and water pollution are ever increasing, worsening the Reef’s plight.

Australians need to face up to the fact that the iconic reef is in danger, grave danger. As a parent, I grieve for the life that we are so senselessly losing. I doubt my two young children shall ever experience the majestic colours and rich marine life within a healthy reef, and wonder when successive Australian Governments’ ineptitude on climate will finally catch up with them.

The Labor government is arguably worse than the Coalition. They accept the climate science but continue to approve and subsidise fossil fuel projects.

Zethoven explains it best “the system is on a knife edge. The Australian government must act. And it must stop approving new fossil fuel developments”.

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