Dien Bien Phu and Vietnam war protests

Richard Llewellyn, Colo Vale NSW, May 24, 2024

The excellent article re the Viet Minh victory at Dien Bien Phu, is illuminative. Those who would seek more information are recommended to read Lucien Bodard’s ‘The Quicksand War’.

Of great import is the information that it was an American military officer who drove Ho Chi Minh into Hanoi, in an American Jeep, proclaiming through a bullhorn ‘Here is your new leader’ ( paraphrased.)

Bodard chronicles the vast corruption serial south Vietnamese governments, supported by – guess who – the USA. Just as today we see the USA flagrantly ignoring any semblance of the ‘International Rule of Order’ viz the Israeli genocide in Palestine, the USA was then ignoring justice and morality in favour of furthering its own burgeoning hegemony.

The Pol Pot directed genocide of the majority of Cambodians was a direct result of USA interference and support of corrupt administrations, – today we have, deja vu, so much similarity in the genocidal support of the USA in Gaza. And as then today we have Australia tagging along due to our spineless politicians (of both major parties.)

Seems we have learned little; however protest – again – is warranted.

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