Enough is enough. Free Julian Assange.

Dr Peter Willans, Coningham , Tasmania 7504, Sep 22, 2023

I have come to the conclusion that I am living in a country that admires the policy and procedures of a police state. I may be wrong but when I see footage of a helicopter crew firing machine guns into a group of men I feel deeply upset. Especially when the integrity of the footage is questioned by governments which collude to blame one Australian citizen who chose to post footage of this dreadful event. Against the wishes of those countries who may have been effectively committing a war crime. I am the son of a father who spent his time in Stalag 18a in World War 2. My father always told the truth no matter the repercussion. And it is beholden of my firm intention to feel compassion toward the plight of Julian Assange. Especially given the political nature of his internment. We all grow when we acknowledge the integrity of this case. And say enough is enough. Give this man his freedom. He has endured enough political irresponsibility.

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