Finally, facts against the almighty Hasbara b.s.

Glenda Jones, Carlton, 3053 Victoria, May 24, 2024

It was very heartening to read Evan Jones’ brave article, pushing back against the overwhelming media deluge by the pro-Israel community.

The propaganda (Hasbara) that they spew out is extremely well-funded and quite ruthless.

“AIJAC’s decades-long pronouncements highlight that its personnel dwell in a parallel universe. It is a record of high-class charlatanry. How can AIJAC personnel, all well-educated, construct a fabulous version of a subject on which they devote their waking hours? The media has been generally happy to oblige AIJAC’s threadbare homilies.”

A commentator with the experience and intellect of Evan Jones reveals the shallowness of the Israel lobbyists: what the Zionist lobby lacks in intelligent rigour and actual truth, they compensate for with outright lies, obfuscation, confected outrage and an overwhelming repetition of complaints.

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