Forest policy missing in action

Amy Hiller, Kew, Sep 1, 2023

Like Peter Sainsbury, I am deeply frustrated by the distinct lack of action to protect our forests and prevent bushfires (“Environment: Sleepwalking into our fiery future” 27/8/23).

While governments continue to support logging of beautiful native forests and archaic ‘hazard reduction’ burn practices, the situation will only worsen. Not one of ten key recommendations from the 2020 bushfire royal commission has been implemented.

Yet, solutions exist.

Ceasing native forest logging in Australia would be sufficient for us to achieve our 2030 emissions reductions targets. Following the latest fire science and using drone technology to detect lightning strikes and put out fires at their source would allow us to avoid hazardous reduction burns. Plantation timber is a viable and important sustainable alternative source for timber products and job opportunities.

Where, however, are the policy makers? Sadly, missing in action.

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