Gender theory exists

Janet Grevillea, New South Wales, Apr 19, 2024

Francis Sullivan, ‘gender theory’ exists. It is taught in universities (reference Judith Butler) and in schools. It is embraced by our governments, the public service, corporations and sporting bodies. Workers are afraid to criticise it for fear of losing their jobs. The mass media, including the ABC, censor criticism of it.

In 2013 the government amended the Sex Discrimination Act to accord with it. Discrimination on the basis of sex was replaced by discrimination on the basis of gender identity, and the words ‘sex’, ‘man’ and ‘woman’ were deleted. The result is that people are not permitted to advertise gatherings as single-sex without an exemption from the Human Rights Commission.

Women have suffered under this law. Last year the Lesbian Action Group was denied the right to hold a social event unless they included ‘transbians’, many of whom have intact male genitalia. And last week the Federal Court heard the Tickle vs Giggle case about whether women have the right to set up female-only apps.

I welcomed the Vatican’s missive as a breath of fresh air, especially as it rejects gender theory but not individuals who make life decisions based on it; all are to be treated with dignity.

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