If the Democrats had principles

Diana Rickard, Lovina Bali, Aug 25, 2023

It’s the Same Old, Same Old. If a principled newer party wins enough votes to worry an unprincipled Old Party and bucks the status quo, the good-ole party calls the real democrats traitors or trolls. Not really as simple as that, though, is it, Bob? In the US, the undemocratic first-past-the-post electoral system denies smaller players a chance. Green v, progressive voters sign up to only vote for Greens and progressive independents. Otherwise, they don’t sign up or vote at all. Hard for the ALP to grasp this but we’re different in Australia.

I left the ALP when it forgot what socialist principles were.

Some ex-pollies still cling on to the status quo of being in power at any cost and others stick to principles.

The latest ALP National Conference says it all. Call me biased but I distinctly heard more voices against the AUKUS deal than for it. It should have gone to the count. We have a Federal Labor government that isn’t listening to its stalwarts and its principled voters.

So we’ll vote for the Greens or progressive peacemongers and those votes may finish up getting Labor across the line – or better still – getting honest, principled peace warriors in.

We’re different to the US, Bob. We have power as voters because our voting system gives us an alternative voice. We believe in participating and allowing others to participate in keeping peace – not promoting weapon industry wars.

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