In a parallel universe

Brian Bycroft, Evans Head NSW, May 3, 2024

According to some physicists there exists a multitude of parallel universes. In one of these:

* Palestine is recognised, but Israel is not, because ‘there was yet to be a negotiated agreement’ including, i.a., a finalised border for Israel;
* Armed Israeli groups such as the IDF and settler groups were designated as terror organisations because of their attacks on citizens in the West Bank;
* The Israel governing body was not recognised because many of its members were opposed to a two-state solution and supported violence to achieve their goals.
* Israelis were being evicted from their land, which was then given to Palestinians;
* Objections by Israeli citizens were likely to result in imprisonment and/or the destruction of their family home;
* The west supplied weapons to Palestine that were then used to indiscriminately attack parts of Israel.
* etc., etc.

One can imagine that the response of Israel supporters in this universe would be not too different from Palestinian supporters today.

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