Infinite growth equals infinite stupidity

Paul Simpson, Brocklesby, Apr 12, 2024

Imagine a goldfish bowl with one fish in it. Along comes an economist with a theory that the bowl can hold an infinite number of fish provided it is managed correctly.

The aquarium manager embraces this concept with glee and greed because more fish means more money and worldly goods.

A filtration system is installed and the citizens hail the wonders of science. Four fish now live comfortably in a space that previously only housed one.

The tank is cleaned out daily, the fish are fed a special diet of high nutrient but non-polluting food, an aeration system is installed and eight fish now live in the bowl.

The manager knows that more fish will mean more money so four more are added.

The next day the manager arrives at work to find all the fish are dead.

Could you see this coming?

Probably most of us could if we thought about trying to stuff many living fish, sardine-like into a tiny bowl, but in relation to the same attitude towards our planet there seems to be a decided lack of clarity and common sense.

The children of tomorrow (if there are any) will lament their ancestors’ stupidity.

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