Israel’s historical mythology and Arab Jews

dieter barkhoff, Box Hill North, May 3, 2024

Dear Jeff Kildea

I agree wholly with the gist and thrust of your article.

However, I must take you up on an aspect of Israel’s historical Mythology – namely that the Arab Jews were ‘kicked out’ of the lands they had lived in for several generations – the largest population of Jews in the world in ad 750 lived in Iran, and in 1948 there were 150,000 in Tehran alone. There are still over 8000 living there.

The gist of my proof comes from Israelis I have known – one, Ed Marcus, who along with his brother hi-jacked the South African Air Force plane they were serving their Conscription with and landed it in Israel in 1948. They are Heroes of Israel. Ed left in 1953. His words were: The Apartheid was worse than in South Africa.

There is also, just as an example, the famous Lavon Affair.

Don’t believe me?: Avi Shlaim.

And, though no longer on YouTube, the Iranian Rabbi of 1950, in his 90’s in the USA, going purple telling the same tale: don’t leave, it’s not the Iranians who are bombing you.


Dieter Barkhoff

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