It’s time for urgent lifestyle changes

Chris Young, Surrey Hills, VIC, Sep 15, 2023

Growing up in the Cold War, when nuclear annihilation seemed imminent, our choice was to rebel and have fun: ‘we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time.’ As Mark Beeson’s account makes clear, many of us Boomers have not yet shaken off that attitude, preferring to pursue what Jethro Tull dubs our ‘thoughtless pleasures’ to securing a healthy planet for our children and grandchildren.
The danger of environmental collapse becomes more apparent each day, whether it’s melting ice-caps, devastating floods, or unprecedented bushfires. The continued and accelerating degradation of our environment, to support our ever-growing population in our unsustainable lifestyles, must stop – or it will be stopped, within the foreseeable future, as crossing climate tipping points makes our environment increasingly hostile to life. Mankind needs a healthy environment to survive. Our environment doesn’t need mankind – indeed it would probably thrive without us.
It may be, as Beeson suggests, that – as in the 60’s – it will be the young who rebel. It’s their world that needs to be secured. But we Boomers can push for the changes we know are needed. It’s not too late for us to leave a healthy planet.

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