Julian Cribb and Saul Griffith must be heard

Bob Douglas, Australia, Jun 28, 2023

Inventor and climate activist, Saul Griffith, in his recent Quarterly Essay “The Wires that Bind”, describing the urgency of essential action, wrote: “Real climate action in Australia and globally, must happen at the level where citizens interact with their local infrastructure and invest in their homes, businesses and communities. We need a new social contract such that every Australian can join the game.”

Cribb’s 2023 book “How to Fix a Broken Planet” brings together in a short and highly readable volume, his conclusions about the survivability of the human species. It offers the reader a sensible and practical path to rescue us from early extinction, and offers detailed actions for individuals, community groups and governments.

An important proposal about the development of an “Earth System Treaty” that began with Cribb, has been offered to The Australian Prime Minister’s Department for consideration.

Griffith is focussed on what we can and must do about carbon emissions through widespread electrification and the opportunities which Australia has, to be a world leader in this endeavour. His 2022 book “The Big Switch” and 2023 Essay outline the exciting benefits that can flow to all Australians from a systematic approach to this challenge.

How can political leaders everywhere continue to pretend that we humans are not in crisis? And how can they ignore the enormous benefits that will flow to every Australian If we act speedily on the huge challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?

Having carefully read these products of both authors I’m satisfied that both of them have vital messages for our leaders, that must be heard and acted upon.

Em Prof Bob Douglas AO is a retired public health academic and a Director of the Think Tank for The Public Good, Australia21

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