Julian Cribb offers government a climate plan

Barbara Fraser, Burwood, Vic, Jun 17, 2024

It is great to see a photo of highly honoured world issues analyst Australian Julian Cribb as well and relaxed, and to hear his clear and logical voice (“How to stop climate change”, Podcast, June 14, 2024).

He argues that world agriculture is not sustainable in quantity or quality for a human population of over 8 billion; and it will result in mass refugees. He considers most humans have “rotten diets” and die from related conditions such as cancer. He therefore recommends sustainable methods of natural regeneration, local urban production, and deep ocean production of nutritious fish and seaweed.

In his comprehensive book How to Fix a Broken Planet (2023) he lists the ten mega threats which could lead to human extinction. His various solutions are in his Earth Systems Treaty which he wants made legal, signed by countries, interested individuals, and sent to the UN for action.

I agree that Australia could lead with this plan but first our federal MPs must read the book, discuss it, and agree on such action.

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