Labor’s climate failures

Amy Hiller, Kew, Jun 14, 2024

Ketan Joshi concludes that over the past two years Australia’s total emissions have all but stopped falling and we won’t reach zero emissions until 2207 (“Environment: Government delivers climate rhetoric but not emissions reductions” Pearls and Irritations, 2/6).

As climate impacts swirl around us, this is a shameful truth and bitter pill for future generations. Like many, I had hoped that the 2022 change of government would result in policy that would actually shift the pollution dial. But since native forest logging continues, environmental law reform has been deferred, coal mine expansions are still being approved, and Labor announced their retrograde “future gas strategy”, it’s hard to find climate positives.

All those equally concerned about climate and the environment would do well to support Green or independent candidates at the next federal election.

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