Measures That Matter, Matter

Chris Young, Surrey Hills, VIC, May 3, 2024

Our politics seem still dominated by short-term thinking – the result of our short federal election cycle. Chelsea Hunnicutt’s call to remind the Treasurer about his promised Measures That Matter is welcome.

Short-term policy to provide short-term benefits is really just a more sophisticated form of pork barrelling. This Labor government needs to raise its vision above the daily fray, to demonstrate that it has some vision of the world that lies well beyond the next election. We have a moral responsibility to provide a secure world for future generations. The great majority of voters have a vested interest in that world being better protected. We are facing existential threats – clearly voiced by the Council For The Human Future, and many others – which require transformational policies. These policies may not provide voters with benefits before the next election, but Measures That Matter can convey to voters the progress they have made in pursuing these. They can demonstrate that the government has a vision, and that they have a plan to realise that vision.

Measures That Matter can be a critical tool empowering governments to take steps which support the interests of future generations. Supporting those interests is vital.

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