Myanmar: No basis for armed Western intervention

Jonathan Smith, Shenzhen, Aug 25, 2023

The military government of Mynamar is not a very competent one but that is not a reason to overthrow it.

I could point to many richer countries with incompetent governments.

When I visited Myanmar people freely complained about how little development there was but nobody was asking for violence. The so-called “democratic opposition… many different groups, armies, militias and individuals [with] …..substantial battlefield successes” seems to be even worse than Tatmadaw. Teachers being killed for working for the government, singers murdered for for the same reason. The reason for the lack of news about Myanmar in the Western media would seem to be that the behaviour of the Western supported “opposition” is so appalling, it would be an embarrassment to the West.

What is needed is not more violence but negotiation with all concerned parties and its neighbours, which doesn’t include the US or UK. They need peace and development, not war.

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