Nuclear Smoke and Fossil Fuel Mirrors

Henk Plaggemars, Sellicks Beach, Apr 12, 2024

I do not believe there is any real conviction in the Liberal’s policy of going down the nuclear path for Australia’s base load.

It is being done deliberately though.

It is being put out there to further stifle any hope, in the short term, of a unilateral will in the Australian government to adopt a fast renewable energy transition.

Where does it originate from? Considering the political, corporate and media interests promoting this faux policy, you need look no further than the fossil fuel industry. They are the rabbits digging the rabbit hole.

This deliberate talking point is purely to delay, distract and sow uncertainty into the energy debate.

Much like low nicotine cigarettes, vapes, carbon sequestration and plastic recycling furphys were/are used to prolong the interests of their respective companies – to the public detriment and the benefit of company’s profit margins.

How short sighted! Do we really need leadership like that?

Nuclear is not what its about, its about time and dragging out the inevitable process of energy transition. The Liberals have become the face of this effort in the political arena.

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