One State: The Only Future for Palestine – Israel

Paul Vellacott, Ipswich, Qld, Apr 12, 2024

Indeed, given that Zionism has always seen the expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland as a key objective, one could say that the two state solution has always been a fraud.

Kanck’s suggestion of a one state solution has merit and is, as she has said, the only way out of this intolerable mess. Readers of P&I who would like to explore this idea could do no better than to pick up a copy of Ghada Karmi’s “One State: The Only Democratic Solution for Palestine – Israel” published in 2023 by Pluto Press. Born in Jerusalem in 1939, Karmi was nine years old at the time of the Nakba when she was forced to flee with her family ending up in Britain where she became a medical doctor, writer and activist in the cause of the Palestinian people.

After examining the history of Zionism, British Mandated Palestine and its partition, the various wars since and the following ‘peace processes’, Karmi concludes her book with a deep analysis of what a one state might look like and how it might be achieved.

A one state Palestine/Israel is the only solution and Ghada Karmi offers a bright light in this dreadful darkness.

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