Pearls and Irritations articles are a STANDOUT

Kim Tan, Erina, Aug 5, 2023

Pearls and Irritations articles are a standout and bring uniquely unparalleled journalistic information to the public domain. P&I has contributed immensely to presenting independent and honest journalism otherwise dominated by some malign MSM. May I wish P&I great success in bringing educative and pragmatic insight and knowledge to the mainstream population.

Dear Mr Menadue (Pearls & Irritations),

May I thank you and your team for the hard work and magnificent job in bringing independent and truthful journalism to the public domain.

We are living in a dangerous contemporary world where bias journalism from some MSM (including from Australia) were unjustly allowed to smear intentionally or unintentionally any individual, group or country; to be deliberately selective in reporting news and exaggerating/ spreading misinformation.

A minority of malignant politicians took advantage of the disarrayed situation and jump into the fray mainly for their personal political gains / advantage.

You are an ‘angel’. Wish you were 66 (instead of 88) so that you can contribute another 22 good years of unprejudiced, open-minded and trustworthy journalism.

Take Care!

Kind Regards, Kim H Tan

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