Political hypocracy

Leigh Bunting, Adelaide, Jun 14, 2024

So, those United States Study Centres are pushing political policy support for AUKUS, amongst others past, present and future, I’m sure.

And crickets from those who object to interference in our political system.

But, if it was a similar event from a Confucius Institute or other Chinese bodies supported by the United Front Work Dept, the media would be all over it, shouting from the roof tops.

I don’t want to see ANY political interference by any nation, but the hypocracy shown here is just appalling. AUKUS needs to be killed off as any manned sub, in 20+ years, will already be replaced by unmanned tools.

As most weapon purchases seem to get years behind and suffer at least 2 or 3 times the cost, then nearly a trillion bucks for obsolete boats is gonna break the country.

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