Pushers of war for corporate gain

Julie Hunt, Alstonville Plateau, NSW 2477, May 17, 2024

While always showing us corporations who benefit from the spoils and even threat of war, why not expose the real pushers of war for corporate gain…..the weapons industries.

Oil gains feature but without weapons industries having war, where would they get profits for jobs and shareholder gains?

It seems the reliance on weapons production is too big to ever let it stop. USA UK produces and sells weapons far more than any other nation, and it’s hard to sell a product without a user, it seems the producer has needs met by ‘whatever it takes”. It’s not really about $ as USA is printing new money at an ever increasing rate for war, maybe it’s about USA fearing retaliation when the light turns on about war, and the whatever it takes tactics used.

Maybe Because they have a revenge nature they assume others are the same. Just to name 1 Vietnam never retaliated, despite the huge damage done and still being done by foreign policy war and despite winning the battle.

Please show us the weapons producers and how big it is.

Show us the bombed places, and where the weapons came from.

We can handle the truth.

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