Richard Marles’ repeated use of “seamless”

Ian Bayly, Upwey, Aug 11, 2023

So many risks with AUKUS:

The Australian public has been given no proper explanation of the strategic rationale behind the AUKUS deal. There is the enormous financial cost, the great uncertainty of its success, and the fact that it will distract and divert money from us adequately addressing global heating.

The agreement ties us to a country that is becoming divided, dysfunctional and politically unstable.

Defence Minister Richard Marles has repeatedly used the word “seamless” to describe the degree of closeness required in our relationship with the US for the AUKUS deal to be successful.

I fear that Marles, without fully realising it, is well on the way to achieving a “seamless” transfer of Australian sovereignty to an unstable United States.

It is not impossible that the deal will be trumped.

Ian Bayly, Upwey

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