Russia’s nuclear threat

Richard Creswick, Northern territory, Jun 14, 2024

I generally like Caitlin’s take on things especially criticism of the US for just about everything but regarding Russia she has, to my mind, a blind spot.

Whatever justifications Putin uses, NATO expansionism or whatever, the fact is Russia, led by a dictator, invaded the Ukraine led by a democratically elected president (quibble about that but it’s a fact) .

Putin complains about weapons from the US and other countries being used against Russia but I see no equivalence about him using weaponry from China and Iran to wreak havoc on the Ukraine and it’s people.

I think Russia’s actions against the Ukraine rightly make its NATO near neighbours nervous. Who knows when Putin might concoct some historical reason to claim Poland, or Finland and if there was pushback, again use the threat of nuclear weapons?

He is the warmonger here.

We might be nearing Armageddon but it’s Putin pushing us there.

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