SEZs are the answer

Brian Lynch, Brisbane, May 3, 2024

While the above article uses the Korean model of industrial development, the elephant on the page is China which is by far the most relevant and current example of how industrial development can happen successfully led by Government.

Ironically, the “To Boldly Go” article features the Australian proposed legislation “Future Made in Australia” which more resembles “Made in China 2025″ than Korean.

Special Economic Zones can be owned and controlled by Government where Australian private enterprises (not foreign multinationals) can manufacture exclusively for export thereby not distorting the domestic market . As such each SEZ can specialise and benefit from Universities & CSIRO research.

The finished export products can be sold globally which can diversify trade (its absurd to classify China as our chief National Security threat while relying on China for the lions share of trade)

Unlike the rationale for manufacturing in the past which was ‘jobs, jobs and more jobs”, modern manufacturing is more about automation & AI which replaces labour but inttead are capital intensive.

So, in my opinion , SEZs require Government investment in infrastructure and enabling legislation, not to compete/replace private enterprise …export led manufacturing with Australian characteristics!

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